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        What are the characteristics of storage battery PE separator
        2019-04-19 11:00:12

        Many things in industrial production have certain requirements. Only by meeting these requirements can it be used normally in industrial production, and these requirements gradually become the characteristics of many products. As an important part of storage battery, PE separator of storage battery often plays a key role in the whole product. With it, it can conduct electricity better. What are the characteristics of PE separator of storage battery? Come and see it together!

        First of all, the PE separator of storage battery has the characteristics of stability, which is mainly shown in sulfuric acid. Many batteries require high stability of this product because its stability often relates to the actual service life of storage battery. In order to prolong the service life of storage battery better, it is necessary. Look for better stability of the partition.

        Secondly, the battery PE separator products also have a certain degree of elasticity, we know that if the elasticity is not enough, some extremely active substances will easily fall off when attached to it, and if the elasticity is sufficient, then these extremely active substances will not easily fall off. It has ionic conductivity. Originally, this product is insulated, but because there are many holes on the surface of the separator, it can also have ionic conductivity. It can be said that its performance characteristics often relate to the performance and use of the whole battery, so it has attracted many people's attention.

        The toughness of PE separator of storage battery is better. The so-called toughness means that it has certain hardness and great elasticity at the same time. When the hardness is too high, it is easy to cause the active substance to fall off. Good toughness can avoid such a thing, which helps to prolong the life of storage battery.

        Speaking of PE partition, I believe many people are not familiar with it, but when it comes to batteries, I believe many people are not unfamiliar with it. For TV, it can be said that it is used in all aspects, such as computers, clocks in our home and toys for children, etc. For PE partition is an indispensable existence, which is the durability of batteries. Storage of electricity has a good effect.

        Perhaps many people do not know the real concept of PE separator very well. In fact, the English letter PE is the abbreviation of Ultra-Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is actually Ultra-Molecular Weight Polyethylene separator. The development history of this product in China is not very long, but it has a long history abroad, and has a relatively wide range of development. As a result, it has been highly valued by customers all over the world. NN-dimethylaniline

        Material selection is the most important one. The main reason why many partitions have such or such differences is the different material. PE partition is different from the traditional partition in material. Its main material is polyethylene, silicon dioxide, process oil and other additives, high-quality ultra-molecular weight polyethylene. The mechanical properties and anti-aging ability of the baffle have been improved qualitatively. Silica, on the other hand, determines its porosity.

        With a relatively high porosity, there may be some significance of the existence of porosity. In fact, the partition itself is an insulator, but because of the porosity, it can conduct electricity. The reason why PE partition can have a relatively high porosity is due to the silica contained in the material. In addition, its voids often have the characteristics of relatively small aperture.

        There are many advantages for PE separators. According to what we usually say, they are relatively strong, and the bending on the bending is quite large. Moreover, the resistance is relatively small. Speaking of this point, the first thing that appears in our minds is definitely the storage battery. Yes, it is one of the batteries. Important components play the role of isolation and protection, I believe that the name can also be seen from one or two, can be said to be associated with batteries, for the use of batteries I believe that we do not repeat here is also a certain understanding, applied to all aspects of life.

        For many non-professionals, it may not be very familiar with this aspect, it is mainly used in the manufacture of automotive batteries. In the whole automotive industry, the manufacturers always pay more attention to the production of batteries, and many customers often choose cars first. What we need to see is the function of the car's battery.

        PE battery separator has the characteristics of high discharge rate; no matter what kind of electronic products or industrial products, we would like these batteries to contain more electricity, or to emit more electricity. For automobiles, the amount of electricity in the battery is often related to the number of cars. Whether we travel smoothly or not, many people buy cars first consider the discharge rate of batteries, and this material has obvious advantages, so it is welcomed by many car battery manufacturers.

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